How does the surge in drug overdoses compare with other causes of death in the U.S.? Take this simple interactive test published by the New York Times. It measures how well you know the severity of the Drug Overdose Epidemic in America.

It’s astounding, especially as compared in the test to other deadly trends: guns, automobile accidents and HIV.

Take the test, then look behind the numbers.

It’s the worst drug overdose epidemic in American history, spurred by rising drug abuse, increased availability of prescription opioids and an influx of potent synthetics like fentanyl and carfentanil.

“It’s horrifying,” said Dr. Dan Ciccarone, a heroin researcher and a professor of family and community medicine at the University of California, San Francisco. “It’s not even the magnitude — it’s the steepness at which it’s climbing.” Preliminary numbers for 2016 suggest that overdose deaths are growing at a rate comparable to the height of the H.I.V. epidemic.

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