Darling Media is a print and digital media platform redefining female-driven content. Their magazine was the first to not retouch women’s bodies or skin in photos. Now, you can own part of it.

Darling Media dedicates itself to exploring the complexities of “the art of being a woman.” Free of shallow or negative messaging, Darling acts as readers’ all-in-one psychologist, best friend, career adviser, personal stylist, and travel agent to redefine female-driven digital, social, and print content. Darling Magazine challenges cultural ideals of beauty and questions its exaggerated importance by using models of all sizes and by becoming the first magazine to not retouch women’s bodies or skin in photos. In the last five years, Darling has acquired a large community of unique, intelligent, and influential women who are looking to continue to collaborate with Darling and other like-minded brands.

Now, a successful crowdsourcing movement, investments in Darling’s growth is available through First Democracy VC, a new equity crowdfunding portal from MicroVentures and Indiegogo.

Darling plans to use proceeds to scale its vertical market segments – including Darling Magazine, Darlingmagazine.org, @Darling Social Media, Darling Events, and Darling Studios.

Raymond Bechard

Raymond Bechard is an Author, Producer and Human Rights Advocate. For over 25 years he has worked to provide justice, tolerance and equality to people around the world.

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