If you do nothing else today, please report this to Facebook. Tell them it’s not alright to show children in this way. Ever.

Think I’m kidding? Go to this Facebook page and see for yourself. Then, report it as “inappropriate content” as I have done to this and thousands of other postings and pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Illicit images and videos of children are rampant on these “family” social networks. I report them everyday to law enforcement and watchdog groups.

Sometimes the posts disappear. Sometimes they stay up for months or years.

This one has remained far too long. This is someone’s daughter. She may not yet be an adolescent. Yet Facebook allows her to be used this way.

Want to do even more? Join over 400,000 other people from around the world who are demanding that Facebook take real action.

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Raymond Bechard

Raymond Bechard is an Author, Producer and Human Rights Advocate. For over 25 years he has worked to provide justice, tolerance and equality to people around the world.

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