For the Heroes who won’t be home for Christmas.

The Hero’s Way

If I could walk across this sand,
Ten thousand miles to hold your hand,
To you I’d run ‘til Christmas Day!
But this is not the hero’s way.

Together we’ll be, the day is near,
So wait for me, not one more tear.
And think of me when you trim the tree
As I pray for you on bended knee.

My gift for you is standing post,
For family, for country, for the Heavenly Host.
Our Christmas reunion may be far apart,
But you are with me in mind and heart.

There is no time for a soldier’s rest,
It is for you each day we give our best.
I long to be with you this Christmas Day.
But this is not the hero’s way.

copyright 2017 Raymond Bechard

Raymond Bechard

Raymond Bechard is an Author, Producer and Human Rights Advocate. For over 25 years he has worked to provide justice, tolerance and equality to people around the world.

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